Sun and Your Skin-Wearing Organic Sunscreen to Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

Our Long Cold Winter and the Sun Is Out- I’m Getting A Tan

Everyone loves when Summer finally arrives after a long cold wet Winter. The sun comes out and the temperature goes up. What does everyone want to do? They want to put on the swimsuits and get out into the sun and feel that warmth on their skin. If you are close to a beach, you head to the sun and the water to play.

I know when I was younger that is exactly what I did. Without even thinking about the effects it would cause as I got older. In my generation we didn’t really think of sunscreen in our teenage years. All we really thought about was how tan we could get and who was going to get tan the fastest. We would get a sunburn the first time out in the sun. Sunburns can be miserable and you can become quite sick from one. All the while I was abusing my skin. My parents made me use sunscreen when I was with them or I was out on the boat. After my first or second sunburn I would start tanning.

I and my girlfriends actually used oils that I wouldn’t dream of using today because back then I had no idea how harmful they were or that I literally was cooking my skin. I thank my lucky stars that I do not so far have skin cancer. It is scary to think about. I have used sunscreen for years now and glad that I have. I have educated myself to the chemical factor as well. Skin cancer can take your life.

Wearing Sunscreen- Protect Your Skin

Organic Sunscreen on your skin

Today’s generation seems to be more proactive in taking care of their skin and body. I see them applying sunscreen when they are out in the sun and applying it to their children as well. It is important to use organic sunscreen. Using the many sunscreens on the market today still have harsh chemicals that penetrate our skin and get into our blood stream and can cause a long term effect in our health care down the road.

There are organic sunscreens on the market now days that protect your skin and nourish your skin too. They have natural ingredients in them. They are products that are safe to use on all ages. Sunflower seed oil can be found in organic sunscreen. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are also found in organic sun screen. They are used as an alternative to chemicals. They are considered because they help block out the sun from your skin and they are a mineral. Sunscreens also may have other organic ingredients such as moisturizers.

You should apply sunscreen as directed before you go in the water and every couple of hours.

Don’t Forget Your Hat, Glasses and Lips

Many people do not think about their eyes when the sun is out. I see so many people driving or walking around when the sun is out squinting instead of wearing a pair of sunglasses. Your eyes need protection too. UV rays penetrate your eyes too. I went to the Eye Specialist with my mom and her Doctor told her that the dark spots in a persons eyes were caused by the sun. For instance if your eyes are blue, tiny brown spots can develop. The Eye Doctor can see them with his machine. He said it was important to wear eye protection in the sun. Glasses with UV protection are best.

A hat at the beach or working outside helps keep the sun off your face. When I pass big farm fields I see a lot of the farm hands wearing hats and think that it not only protects them from the sun but must help keep them a little cooler from the rays of the sun.


Don’t forget to get some organic lip balm. Your lips can sunburn too. I went
fishing on a lake out in a boat in early Spring last year and I had some lip moisturizer with me. It didn’t have any sunscreen in it. It wasn’t hot that day and the wind was chilly. I was wearing several layers and it was cloudy. My lips got sunburned anyway and they blistered and it took several weeks for them to completely heal. That was a painful lesson. Always carry an organic lip balm with SPF.

Drink Lots of Water- Hydrate Your Body

Drink plenty of waterWhile you are out enjoying all this fun in the sun, whether you are swimming, playing at the beach, bicycling or working at home in your garden, remember to drink lots of water. The sun will make you perspire and you will need to replenish with liquids. I have read that you should drink half of your body weight in ounces of water. If you are 130 pounds, they say you should drink 65 ounces of water a day. Water also helps your skin to stay healthy. It doesn’t become so dry if you have dry skin.


Use Organic Sunscreen- Choose a Better Time of Day for Sun Activities

If you are someone who does like to lay in the sun a little on a sunny day, use a good sunscreen with a high SPF and don’t lay out between the time of 10 am and 2 pm. That is said to be the worst time to be in the sun. Don’t lay out too long. It really isn’t good to lay out at all. Now days there is good organic self tanners that give you a tan without laying in the sun.

Plan your outing to the beach to be later so in the afternoon the harmful rays are passed already. You still should be applying the sunscreen. Use beach umbrellas and beach chairs. You can get pretty warm sitting on that sand without shade. Going to parks can be a lot cooler when the sun is out. Morning outings are nice in the summer.

Make a check list before heading out to your fun filled day. Do you have the organic sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, hat, water, blanket or chair, big umbrella and don’t forget those snacks. You might want a camera too or if you are like most people now days they use their smart phones. Enjoy the sun but take care of your skin.

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