When I was in my early twenties I used to wash my long hair and rinse it with beer. My hair was naturally wavy and frizzy. I let it dry naturally without using a hairdryer or curling iron on it. In those days I used Hot rollers to make it look better when I was going places. Using Beer as A hair rinse helped to make my hair shiny and feel more silky and less frizzy. The beer smelled really strong when I poured it over my hair. I left it in for two to three minutes and then I rinsed my hair. The smell of beer wasn’t noticeable after my hair dried. My hair felt so nice and was more manageable.

I used a regular brand of beer at the time when using it for a rinse for my hair. I don’t think it matters what brand you use. Recently I read beer can lighten your hair. I don’t recall my hair getting lighter from using it as a rinse. My hair was naturally dark brown at the time I was rinsing my hair in beer and I did this for many months. If you have color treated hair I imagine it may have a different effect and may lighten your hair or you may not have the same result as someone who hasn’t colored their hair especially if it is really dried out from recoloring it all the time.

I didn’t try rinsing my hair with beer when my hair was colored hair years later so I can’t give any guidelines for the use of it on that subject and how it will make your hair feel or look. Using Sulfate free shampoo is suppose to hold your hair color better on color treated hair.

They use hops to make beer. I looked to see it there are Sulfates in them. I discovered Sulfites and they are different from sulfates. Sulfates apparently will lighten up your hair. Whether or not beer really lightens your natural hair or colored hair I can’t say for sure. It didn’t lighten mine all those years ago with regular beer. Who knows what an organic or gluten free IPA beer might do? I haven’t tested it out yet. My hair isn’t dark brown anymore either. It is pretty white with grey mixed in.

Hops grow here in the Pacific Northwest and are being harvested currently. There will be a hops festival at the end of September celebrating the harvest and different beer. Beer comes in many shades and flavors today. Gluten free, Organic and Alcohol free beer can be bought and used to rinse your hair if you want to use the same as you drink if you are drinking these three types of beer. The Organic Brew Fest Takes place here as well. If you are using gluten free or organic products it’s nice to know you can also get beer that is the same for rinsing your hair.

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