Take Care of Your Lungs

As a vital organ it is important to take care of your lungs to keep them strong and healthy. Most people know smoking, pollution or certain materials is what causes damage to your lungs later on. Not picking up the bad habit of smoking certainly will be a good choice for helping you make sure your lungs stay healthy.

There are other factors like working around Asbestos years ago that is related to lung cancer and also people pouring concrete shouldn’t breathe in the dust as it isn’t good for a person’s lungs. Most people wear masks when working in any field of harmful dusting agents or chemicals. These are preventive things a person can do when out in the world working and just saying no to a bad habit.

Another way to be proactive to insure healthy lungs is to eat certain foods that have vitamins and minerals that help you develope good habits to ensure healthy lungs. Exercise and stay hydrated also are good ways to be proactive in a healthy you.

Lung Health and Veggies

I grew up helping my mom plant a big garden every Spring. We had a family of seven. I remember planting the seeds, watering them and watching them grow into little plants. They grew bigger and bigger until they produced the vegetables we picked. My mom taught us to be health minded. We learned to can vegetables and fruit. Eating the vegetables helps nourish our entire body by chewing them up. They end up in our stomachs and into our digestive system therefore leads the vitamins and minerals into our blood stream. Our cardiovascular system pumps everything through every living part of us. Our bodies are such a detailed system that all has to work together to keep healthy.

I didn’t realize at the time it was healthy for my lungs to be eating certain vegetables. Amazing how all of it works together. Our salads were full of a variety of veggies. Salads can be so colorful and such a variety to choose from. If you love salad then you are in luck eating for healthy lungs. Some Vegetables that are good for you to eat are Red peppers, Broccoli, Kale, Collard Greens, Beets, and Beet Greens, Spinach and Cabbage.

There are salad recipes you can look up for to get different ideas or you can buy salad kits from your local grocery stores. I usually like to start with some leafy greens and add a variety of colorful vegetables. I don’t have the same salad always but here is one I like to make.

Mixed leafy greens- can be a spring mix with some dark leafy greens, Kale. I add some Cucumber, sliced Red Pepper, Broccoli, shredded Carrots, Olives. I like to add Cherry Tomatoes, then put a few string Beets and top with Feta cheese.I add grilled chicken breast to this salad sometimes if I feel like making a complete meal out of it. Salad dressing or olive oil is optional.

Vitamin C Is Great For Healthy Lung

So far we have learned that eating vegetables are great for maintaining healthy bodies and lungs because they have vitamins and minerals. Some of them have vitamin C as well. I usually think of fruit as providing us with the most vitamin C that we consume. Oranges come to my mind first and then Apples. Not only do they contain the vitamin C but they have Flavonoids that are good for cleansing our lungs. Blueberries and Lemons will also be fruits that have Flavonoids that are good for cleansing for your lungs.

Eating these fruits a few times a week will be a good maintenance program to add to your weekly routine of good habits for lung health. If you are a person who likes to juice you can add these fruits to your juice or if you would rather have a smoothie they are great in a those drinks too. If you have already experienced juicing or making smoothies you already know that you can add vegetable and fruits together in the same drink to get more vitamins and minerals.

Best Proteins For Your Lungs

Lean meats are always best for anybody’s health. Chicken breast, turkey, fish, legumes, nuts, eggs and yogurts. Lean meats, not processed fatty meats. You should have some protein with every meal to balance your carbs when you eat. You shouldn’t eat starchy carbs because they turn to sugar in your body. When a person makes a smoothie and uses the fruit and veggies they should probably add a little powdered protein to it.

All of our foods play a role in how our lungs functions over the years. We don’t really think about that part of our body related to food. We think about our weight, our heart, our hair and our skin. How we age over the years and what health issues might come up as we age. I remember a song when I was growing up about our bones being connected to this bone and that bone being connected to the other bone. How true it is. Our organs are connected to this organ and that organ is connected to this organ and so on. When one organ fails, the one it is connected to can also develope a problem.

Onion, Garlic and Turmeric are a good source for healthy lungs and also Green Tea.

Why It Is Important For Healthy Habits For Lungs

Blood flows through our entire body and through each one of our organs. We breathe in air through our lungs. Our lungs are designed to be filters for our body. The blood goes to our heart after it leaves our lungs which gets pumped through our body to our cells and tissues. Its giving them oxygen. This is why it is a good idea to cleanse the lungs with fruits. Drinking Lots of water daily helps to remove toxins as well. A person should drink half of their body weight in ounces of water daily.

If you are a person with Asthma you can still eat healthy like this and eat anti inflammatory foods that are high in vitamin D and that can help with flare-ups. Milk, Salmon, yogurt and vitamin Folate can help. Always check with your doctor and don’t replace medicine or inhalers.

When buying fruit and vegetables it is best to try to buy organic for the ones that don’t have a thick skin on them like oranges that you can peel. The chemicals that are used to spray for insects are very toxic. You should always wash your produce before cutting or peeling it to avoid and disease or pesticides that may be on them.



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  1. Hello, 

    Thank you for the interesting article about how to take care of the lungs. Lungs are a very important organ in the human body, but not every person understands that, and many of them don’t care when they are young. All problems come up when they become elderly: cancer, lung disorders, and other lung sicknesses.

    I very agree with you that food is essential for healthy lungs, but I would like to add: the place where you live is vital as well.

    I used to live in a vast city where are a lot of cars, factories, and a little woods, practically no parks or woods around the living areas. I always could smell emission smell from the cars, I had a headache all the time, allergies came up, and it was hard to breathe. Now, I live in a little city where there is a lot of nature, and my breathing got better, the headache was gone. After reading your post, the new idea came to my mind – grow my own vegetables.

    Thanks for the nice post, which gave me new ideas!

    1. Hello jpaliskis.

      Thank you for you comments. It is true while we are young we do not think about health in general let alone our lungs and their function. I was fortunate to have a health minded mother trying to teach me how to eat a healthy diet. Our health does catch up to us later in life sometimes. We can turn it around if we start thinking about it when we are adults by changing our lifestyle. I’m glad you are living in a better environment now and your headaches are gone. Those can really affect a persons daily living. I always perfer smaller communities over the large ones. 

      Take care,

      Terri Cannefax

  2. This article was full of interesting food recipes surrounding mixed salads. It was interesting to learn a bit more about, you and your family vegetable eating practices. I should and will be eating more salads in the future, Yet again your article brought it home to myself; the importance of taking in more vitamin C people need daily for a good active lung. I thought the whole article was informative.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Joe.

      Thank you for your comments. My mom was always health minded. She taught me to think the same. She will be 84 this year and was still working through last year and is very healthy. I found it interesting to learn about our lungs and how certain vegetables and fruits benefited our lungs since they are the filters to our bodies when I was doing my research. Our bodies and minds are an amazing thing.

      Be well,

      Terri Cannefax

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