Youthful From The Beginning

We came into this world with youthful skin. Our skin was delicate and needed care to protect our body. Our parents took care when bathing us using gentle soaps and then applying lotions to keep moisture on our baby skin. Going from newborn to a six months old we were nourished with vegetables, fruits and cereals and later proteins which were rich in vitamins. A healthy diet will play an important role in youthful skin. If we are taught this as children we will have developed good eating habits and that is something we can take with us throughout our lifetime and teach our children.

We kept our youthful skin through our toddler years running around carefree even through our scrapes and bruises that eventually healed. Then we grew into teenagers still having great skin, no wrinkles maybe some blemishes here and there. Nothing some acne cream couldn’t get rid of. We still had our youth. Our skin was still great over all. Growing beyond our teen years we came into adulthood. We looked in the mirror and what did we see? Still, no wrinkles looking back at us. Still, Youthful skin.

Keeping our Body Youthful

In order to have youthful looking skin it is important to have a healthy and strong body. We start losing muscle mass as we age. Our skin can sag and wrinkle in areas all over the body from many reasons. Weight gain and weight loss can be a couple of reasons. Bad eating habits, even though a person doesn’t gain any weight can still cause your body and skin to look older and not youthful. We do become what we eat. We also need to be wise to what we use on our body too. Diet and exercise are part of the package of keeping us feeling and looking young.

There are many types of exercise to try that will fit into many lifestyles. Turning forty and each decade of life after that our exercise may have to change a bit. We may find that we can’t keep up with what we did five years ago and have to change the pace to something different. Yoga, swimming, walking, stretching and stretch bands and some weight lifting for our joints are good forms of exercise. If you really don’t like exercising maybe go out dancing or just take your dog for a walk. Get your heart rate up every day.

Youthful Mind-Excercise It

Keeping a sharp mind is as important as keeping great skin and a healthy body. By Reading new information and gaining more knowledge about the things that interest you, you are keeping your mind youthful. Having hobbies that you engage in, such as water colors, playing some kind of music instrument, making jewelry, writing, designing something or playing with your grandchildren all will help keep your mind sharp and young. It has been written in articles that we need to keep our minds active to help us from memory loss. Brain exercises are great too with so many games on tablets now for older adults. Practice memorizing new information or memory games. Youthful from head to toe and inside and out.


Aloe Vera Is Healthy For Your Skin And Body

Aloe Vera-Shopping For The Right One

There are many brands and varieties of Aloe Vera. You can see many advertisements for Aloe Vera and how great it is for skin and health. Some claim that their product is 100 percent Aloe Vera but if you look on the label you will find many other ingredients listed on the bottle with the Aloe Vera. It is always important to read the back of the label to make sure you are buying what is being advertised on the front of the label. Sure that ingredient is in the product but what else is in there? Are the other ingredients safe for you or are they harsh chemical preservatives?

Some ingredients I found listed on the back of a Certified Organic Aloe Vera gel:  Organic Alcohol which is used as a preservative. They used a Gluten free pure form Ethyl alcohol that was USDA certified. Organic Glycerin locks in the moisture.  Organic Xanthan Gum is a thickener

You can purchase certified organic Aloe Vera gel to use for your skin. It is found in stores and online. It doesn’t have the added harsh chemicals in it and there are online sites that show the ingredients before you purchase it.

Here are some more ingredients from another label on a 97.5% Aloe Vera Bottle.

Aloe Vera 100 % Gel

Triethanolamine- this is used for PH balance but can still cause a problem and is considered toxic. It poses a threat to the immune and respiratory system. It can cause damage to your organs with use even when small amounts are in the product when you are using it over time. If this ingredient is in your Aloe Vera you may experience watery or burning eyes after applying it around your eyes or itching skin. If you do experience those reactions you should stop using it. This may be an allergic reaction to this chemical.    

DMDM hydantoin is a chemical that is basically Formaldehyde. Its primary duty is to keep bacteria and mold from forming over the shelf life. It is claimed it is okay to use in the cosmetic industry in small amounts. Why don’t they just put the word Formaldehyde on the list instead of the word the consumer has no idea what is stands for? When you look up this word DMDM hydantoin it says, Formaldehyde donor “slowly releasing small safe amounts of formaldehyde”. How many consumers look up each word on the ingredient label to see what it really is while they are standing in the store? I’m sure their are several words for other ingredients.

Pick out the best Aloe Vera for you and your skin. Test it out on a section of your skin before applying it all over to be sure it isn’t too strong for your skin. If it is 100 % pure Aloe Vera Gel it will probably need to be refrigerated because it won’t have all the preservatives in it. Getting one that you can store on the shelf try to get one with the least ingredients. Check the ingredients.

Aloe Vera Is An Old Medicinal Plant

Aloe was documented a very long time ago. 2,200 BC was the earliest record found of Aloe. Clay boards were found in Nippur. Apparently Aloe was used for the intestines. It has always amazed me that back in those times that certain things related to health were thought to be people being possessed by a demon. Aloe was used to rid a person of the demon. People thought Aloe had powers.

Aloe Vera was also mentioned in Biblical times. It is written in the Bible and referred to as Aloe. It was said in The book of John Chapter 19 Myrrh and Aloes were used to wrap the body of Jesus before they put him to rest. This was the custom for the Jews. Egyptians used it as embalming fluid.

It was used in Ancient Egypt by the queens for skin beauty. Aloe Vera was used for wounds and leprosy. In Mesopotamia people believed Aloe Vera would ward evil spirits away.

Aloe Vera- Different Daily Uses

Face wash- use Aloe Vera as a face wash. You can find it already to purchase or you can find a recipe and make it yourself. One recipe for a face wash I have seen several times is

2- 3 tablespoons of Aloe Vera, 1 Teaspoon of Olive Oil
2 to 3 drops of lemon.

Aloe Vera facial scrub is something you can do a couple times a week to rid yourself of dead skin. Recipes can also be found online too or can be bought locally.

Lotions and creams that have Aloe Vera in them for anti-aging can be used in your daily beauty care. They are great for moisturizing your all over skin, arms, legs, hands and not just your face. If you have skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or acne. Aloe Vera can help with the itching, flaking and also the scarring.

Aloe Vera helps Skin By Taking It Internally

Drinking Aloe Vera will eliminate toxins in your intestinal tract by absorbing them. It I is a strong medicinal plant and it should be used carefully. Drinking it is good for you. If you don’t care for the taste you can add it to your juice.

I would suggest buying an organic product and 100 percent pure Aloe Vera Juice. You can also find recipes for making the juice yourself. Works wonderful for a detox.

Drinking Aloe Vera juice will also help clear up and heal damaged skin making it look better because it is cleaning out your entire body of the free radicals going through your liver, kidneys, stomach and blood stream which eventually works out through your skin.

Aloe- A Daily Source Of Vitamins

The Aloe Vera plant is a succulent plant. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Its leaves hold the clear liquid that is pressed out for Aloe Vera juice or for Aloe Vera gel that nourishes our bodies. It is grown here in the United States and in other countries both organically and commercially.

It is loaded with B vitamins 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12. It contains vitamins A, C, E and has folic acid as well. Vitamin B 12 is really good for your brain and nervous system. It is a really good juice to drink and aides in your digestion and it will help clear up your skin if you have any skin issues.

Aloe Vera is a Beautiful plant to have around the home. If you get a burn and you don’t have any aloe Vera Gel on hand you can always pick a leaf off your plant and apply the gel directly to your burn. It works well for that. I have used it that way on my face when I have had a sunburn and have been out of Product. They really are medicinal internally and externally.